Introducing Ann, a Remarkable Regional Training Coordinator

My name is Ann and I am one of the Regional Trainers for the BC Office of the Seniors Advocate’s Residential Care Survey. I love my job as a Regional Trainer because I get to meet amazing individuals in their communities and provide them with essential skills to become Volunteer Interviewers. This project is innovative and I am excited to act as an ambassador for the BC Seniors Advocate! Each training session starts with introductions.  I listen to the reasons why volunteers want to participate in this project. I learn from the introduction that many have heard about the project through their local community papers and/or radio stations. Other volunteers learned about the project from friends or family and decided they too want to give back to community.  The training is about communication and understanding the value and importance (this is critical) of the process to complete a structured interview.

I’m involved because I want to deliver the best training possible, encourage, share stories from my experiences for volunteers to leave the session with energy and anticipation to meet with and interview residents in care.

The training sessions are delivered in such a way that volunteers learn concepts, practice and demonstrate learning through various mock exercises; and yes, it is fun! At the end of each session I am proud of the volunteers as I get to watch, coach and guide as they learn the intricacies and details involved in conducting one-on-one structured interviews. I truly love and see every volunteer transition from apprehension (what am I doing) to excitement and confidence (I know what I’m doing) as they learn and prepare to what I call ‘get out in the field’ to meet with and interview seniors within care facilities in BC.

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