Every Voice Counts

Nearly 11,000 BC seniors shared their experiences living in long-term care living in BC

Thank You!

To the province-wide team of 500 Volunteer Surveyors, who collectively contributed over 20,000 hours engaging nearly 30,000 residents living in 297 care homes across British Columbia.

Thank YOU for everything you did to contribute to the success of the Senior Advocate’s Long-Term Care Resident and Frequent Visitor Survey project.

We couldn’t have given the people living in long-term care homes and the people who love and visit them a voice, without your contributions.

In 2016/17, we reached out to 27,000 British Columbia seniors and their families to get first-hand feedback on the quality of their care and accommodations.

In 2022/23 BC’s Seniors Advocate honoured the commitment made in 2017 to again give residents and their families a voice five years after the first provincially coordinated survey.

The results of this survey were published in a report released on November 16, 2023.  The results allow for comparison of results over time, ensure learnings from the pandemic, and allow us to refresh the road map for improvement of the quality of care and services provided to residents and their families in long-term care, ensuring we can all be proud of the care our seniors receive.

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Survey Results
Provincial Survey Results
Health Authority Survey Results
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