Volunteering Weaves us Together

Strengthening the fabric of our community by sharing our time, talent, and energy to support one another.

This is the theme of National Volunteer Week!  Its a time to celebrate and thank our over 450 volunteers, without whom would not be able to listen and engage with the nearly 30,000 residents living in publicly funded long-term care in our province.

We greatly admire our Volunteer Surveyors’ kindness, dedication, altruism, patience, energy, and positivity. Each Surveyor has made, and continues to make, a significant difference in the lives of residents living in long-term care. This survey would not be possible without our Surveyors!

  • – Over 450 volunteers have trained to become structured interviewers across the province!!

  • – Over 9,200 total hours logged by our volunteers across the province!

“The root of happiness is altruism – the wish to be of service to others.”
~ Dalai Lama

Volunteering  weaves us together by sharing time, talent and energy to support one another. We, the OSA LTC Project Team are so proud and honoured to work with each and all.   Thank you!!

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