Meet Maya and Shama: Our Volunteer Interviewers Extraordinnaire!

Maya and Shama joined our project team in May 2016 as part of a program out of the Langara College of Nursing. Since then, they have been able to provide us with support in the office, at training, as well as in-field as Volunteer Interviewers. Together, they have completed over 100 hours of conducting resident interviews and have been to a wide variety of care homes across Vancouver Coastal and Fraser Health.

My first week as a volunteer has been challenging, rewarding, and educational. Despite the challenges that ranged from locating the residents, to communication, I appreciate how ambitious and worthwhile this project is. It has been a wonderful experience learning about the inner workings and processes of the project, and I have especially enjoyed the contrasting aspect where I have the opportunity to hear the residents’ reality of their experiences. I am excited and honored to be a part of this unprecedented survey project and am looking forward to seeing the outcomes and how the results may benefit the population. (Maya)

At all the care homes, I felt very welcomed. The staffs were cooperative to identify the residents. The first days of the survey in a facility, in my experience is the best. The bravest residents take part in the survey. They share their experience with others and encourage other residents to participate. Usually, the residents are eager to finish the survey at one sitting. Therefore, they need to be encouraged to take breaks. At the end of the survey, the thank you cards are a treat to the residents. The Residential Survey has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people, who in spite of their growing aches and pains gracefully and courageously enjoy the days bestowed upon them. I have enjoyed seeing the residents ponder the questions, think deeply to give the best possible answer and respond with humor. (Shama)

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