The Volunteer Experience: Notes from the First Shift

Currently, the BC Office of the Seniors Advocate’s Residential Care Survey  has over 40 Volunteer Interviewers conducting interviews with residents across the province. We have some amazing volunteers coming forward to take part in this survey and we are blown away with the response and skills the volunteers have.

We have also had great response from our first residents with volunteers completing interviews and having great experiences on their first shifts.  Here is an example of the feedback from one of our Volunteer Interviewers following his first shift conducting interviews on Vancouver Island:

Hi Tina,

Staff were very helpful. Did a tour and then got started.

I attempted 2 interviews. The first, after a fair bit of discussion, said I should come back another day. I offered to come back tomorrow at the same time. The second resident I connected with was a great interview. The interview process took a full hour. We got all the way through and had a nice little chat at the end.

We are continuing to recruit volunteers across the province to participate as Volunteer Interviewers in this project. If you are interested in volunteer as part of this survey, please apply here.

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