A Volunteer’s Own Experience

Barbara joined Team Interior as a Volunteer Interviewer in September.
Here is a little bit more about why she joined this project and what her experience has been since then.

I decided to take the OSA training in Castlegar on Sept. 8th, as provided by Isabelle, the Regional Training Coordinator.  It wasn’t entirely for unselfish reasons that I chose to volunteer.  New to the Kootenays, I was curious about the quality of local senior care because I am nearing the age when I must consider future care options for myself.

The training was painless.  Isabelle was very knowledgeable and helpful, and finished the packed program on the minute!  Furthermore, we were thereafter in immediate contact with our Regional Team Leader, Jessica, who has provided personal ongoing support many times since that training as questions or concerns have arisen.

I was a bit anxious about the receptiveness of the care home staff to the OSA program, but found everyone at my target facility to be welcoming and eagerly  helpful.  Staff dedication was evident, and I’m comfortable that residents receive the most loving care possible under current funding limitations.

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