Our Volunteer Interviewers’ Own Experiences

We know our volunteers have just spent the better part of a year asking residents questions about their experience in care. So we thought it might be time to ask the volunteers about their experience conducting these surveys.

Here is a sample of some of the responses we got back about their experience as Volunteer Interviewers with the BC Office of the Seniors Advocate’s Residential Care survey.

Was your role as a Volunteer Interviewer for this project what you expected it would be?

“This was a far better experience than I could have imagined.  I met so many nice people and some of the residents just wanted to visit and tell stories.  It was very rewarding!”

“The work as volunteer interviewer exceeded my expectations. It was a challenging but very rewarding experience. I felt like I contributed a lot to assure the health and well-being for the seniors in BC.”

“It was a profoundly satisfying experience engaging — sometimes with success and sometimes not — with seniors.”

“I was very nervous to start with but it turned out to be a very positive and rewarding experience and I did enjoy the process.”

What did you enjoy the most about being a Volunteer Interviewer?

“I truly enjoyed engaging with the participants in the survey. They touched my heart. If I did nothing else, I know I brought some joy into their day.”

“Giving people the opportunity to have their voice heard by participating in the survey was the most enjoyable aspect.”

“Interacting with each individual resident on a personal level. They all have such unique personalities and life experiences that factored into the interaction.”

“The sheer joy of meeting new people and hearing stories from their lives, war brides, children, pets and memories.”

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