Meet Sara, Director of Communications at the OSA

Sara has been a part of this project since 2014 and works as the Director of Communications at the Office of the Seniors Advocate. She has been integral to supporting the RELs and the Project Manager in implementing this project across the province.

Sara is a former journalist having spent the first part of her career as a newspaper writer and then moving to the CBC, where she spent 25 years working in both news and documentary production. She worked for the CBC in several locations across Canada, including a five-year stint with CBC North where she had the chance to spend time in some of Canada’s most remote communities where she had the chance to take part in many activities from dog sledding to skinning seals that are just a little different than her current job.

Sara’s passion for tackling important issues and hearing people’s stories drew her to the OSA. As Director of Communications it is her job to help shape the office’s evidence and research into meaningful public dialogue. Sara hs a hand in many aspects of the office’s work from helping to write public reports to identifying emerging seniors’ issues to engaging with a wide range of stakeholders.  Sara has been the key liaison from the OSA assisting in the recruitment of volunteers and helping manage issues as they arise.

Sara has two teenagers and her husband is also a journalist. When not at work, Sara loves to read, cook and avoid as much as possible her overgrown garden.

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