Meet Sara, our Regional Engagement Lead for Fraser

Sara joined our provincial team in October and is responsible for the recruitment, on-boarding, and continued support of all our Volunteer Interviewers in the Fraser Region.

I left my corporate job about 18 years ago and decided that I want to work with an organization that works close with volunteers. I have always had a passion for the not for profit sector and I want to be someone that came home after work knowing she made a difference today, no matter how little or how big the difference was. After couple of years of different jobs as a stepping stone, I accepted a job with the Canadian Cancer Society leading their support programs in the Greater Vancouver area.

When the opportunity to work with the Seniors Advocate office as the Regional Engagement Lead came my way I had to take it. I was drawn to this project because of my passion for helping those that may not be able to speak for themselves and to have the opportunity to work with many wonderful volunteers who have put so many hours in to this project was a bonus.

I recently read a quote from Malala Yousafzai, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, that really speaks to the project and why I like to volunteer and have worked with volunteers for many years,

“I  raise up my voice-not so that I can shout, but so those without a voice can be heard.”

I feel so honoured to be part of this project,  working alongside dedicated volunteers on the survey  that allows us to hear the voice of residents in long-term care that may not otherwise receive the opportunity to have a voice.

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