A 1,000 Volunteer Hours in Vancouver!

The BC Office of the Seniors Advocate’s Residential Care Survey has reached yet another exciting milestone, with Vancouver Coastal Health regional volunteers logging over 1,000 hours of service since mid-June.

During this time these volunteers have been active in 10 facilities across the North Shore, Richmond, and Vancouver. These hours have been spent engaging with residents in meaningful conversations in order to listen and learn about their experiences living in long-term care homes.

Following their successful completion of the full day training session, Volunteers Interviewers are able to start interviewing in the long-term care homes. Care home staff across Vancouver Coastal has been impressed with how confident and comfortable our volunteers are during their time on-site and when approaching residents. We are lucky to have such a high caliber of volunteers, ranging from retired health care professionals to eager students, all of whom are compassionate individuals dedicated to taking the time to listen to our seniors in care.

Our volunteers have been so dedicated that we have managed to finish interviews at several of our facilities in advance of the anticipated completion date. Many of our volunteers have also surpassed the minimum 30-hour requirement, which is yet another example of their commitment to the project and passion for seniors care.

Stephanie, Jason and Alexis (pictured above) celebrated their contributions to the 1,000-hour milestone; all have recently completed their undergraduate studies and are lending their enthusiasm and support to the project.  Like every volunteer participating within the project, they each bring their own unique skill set and experience in providing BC seniors with the opportunity to have their voice heard.

We want to congratulate all volunteers across the province for their hard work, commitment and contributions to the success of the project so far, and the many achievements to follow!

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