Meet Annie: Our Project Coordinator Extraordinnaire

As the Project Coordinator for the BC Office of the Seniors Advocate Residential Care Survey, I am usually behind the scenes responsible for the many logistical pieces of the project.

This week I had the opportunity to conducting resident interviews in several sites in the Lower Mainland. The experience was very rewarding and worthwhile to me. Each resident interview lasted between 30 to 60 minutes and the residents seemed to love sharing their life stories. From my perspective, the interviews seemed to be as meaningful to me as they were for the residents.  One of the residents told me that he found comfort that somebody has taken the time out of their day to sit and chat with them.

On a more personal level doing these resident interviews have also made me think of my parents. In reality, they might move into one of these facilities in the future.  The expectations of how their care is at these facilities are very important to me, because one day my parents could be living there as well. I strongly believe in this project and that it will give us a bigger picture on what is working and what needs improvement in the residential care system.

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