Introducing Summer, one of our FIRST volunteers!

Summer joined our team as an UBC intern in early 2016. Since, then she has worked with us to develop many of the processes and materials that the 600+ Volunteers now use across the province.

My name is Summer and I have been working as a Volunteer Interviewer for the BC Office of the Seniors Advocate’s Residential Care Survey Project since February. As an interviewer, one of my responsibilities is to collect information about living experience of the residents in long-term care facilities through individual interviews, with questions ranging from asking their health conditions to food preference.

My favorite part about being an interviewer is that I have the opportunity to connect with people with different background and expertise, listen to their voices and provide feedback from them to help with the improvement of the quality of care they receive. When I first started doing interviews, I was a bit nervous about whether residents would like to talk and share their daily experiences with me. But I was surprised by the fact that the residents are willing to open up and they have provided helpful comments and suggestions. Recently, I started to do interviews in Mandarin in Chinese-speaking residential homes. I hope that I can help with the development of the Residential Care Survey Project by connecting with more people involved in the project, and I look forward to hearing more from our Chinese-speaking residents!

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