Insight from Vancouver Island

We are getting so close to our final goal and I can’t express enough how grateful I am to all of the volunteers out there getting the job done.

I know in my area of Vancouver Island we have had 182 volunteers complete over 4000 hours. Absolutely incredible and now we are in the home stretch. Below are some thoughts from one of our volunteers, Betty, who has done over 94 hours with us.

What did you enjoy most about your volunteering experience?

First off, I thoroughly enjoyed the training day, it gave me what I needed to feel confident and enthusiastic about becoming involved. I would have to say establishing trust on a one-to-one basis with a wide variety of people, in order to do the survey with them has been the greatest pleasure for me. I particularly valued the deep sense of privilege when participants would open up and share with me, especially after some initial reluctance, being their right, and for which I respected them.

What were some of your highlights?

My highlights are some of the stories I heard from the residents. There was the resident who’d had her baby delivered by Sir Roger Bannister, the man who first ran the 4-minute mile. She was thrilled to pieces that I knew of him and his achievement, and so was I, to have resurrected that memory from my student days! Another lady who wandered the corridors, surprised me by picking up on my accent and locating exactly where I’m originally from as being the same place as herself.  Her more cultured pronunciation had prevented me from making same recognition, but when she did we got on very well indeed.  She became animated at the mention of familiar towns and villages she must have left long ago. After that, whenever I saw her, as I went about doing the survey with other people, I would have a brief word with her and for me, it was a touch of home that I miss. Lastly, our ‘Thank You’ card was always greatly appreciated, but for me it meant even more than usual to see it given a pride of place in their rooms.

Thanks Betty and thanks to all of you out there interviewing our residents in care!

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