Hearing the Voices of our Volunteers

We have been conducting resident interviews since June 2016 and have made significant progress to date. There have been a few changes along the way to the survey and processes, and we thank our volunteers for being so helpful in providing feedback and being flexible with these changes. We wanted to share some of the feedback we have received from the volunteers, highlighting the meaningful conversations that are occurring on-site and sometimes not without their own set of challenges.

“Great visit. There are three categories of residents of which we are interviewing two. Those classified as “Home” and those categorized as “Hospital.” Each have separate lunch periods. The hospital group eat lunch from 11:20 a.m to 12:20 p.m. While the home group eat at either 12 – 1 p.m. or 1 – 2 p.m.. Working from both lists allowed me to interview two residents (one form each group).”
“This was the longest interview I have ever completed (2 hours)! But the resident was lovely and she enjoyed the experience! I approached 2 other English speaking residents and they declined. I will approach the remaining English speaking residents this week.”
“Enjoyed immensely once I could organize myself and belongings.  Looking forward to my second schedule.  Feel confident.”
“Great 1st shift. Couldn’t locate one lady but did a partial survey with a lady (she got tired) & a partial survey with a Man until they came to take him to lunch.”
“I had nice chats with a lot of residents. A lot of them found that the 5 options to choose from were too difficult during the survey. Also the staff at this facility are so nice!
“First time at this facility, all the staff were friendly. The facility manager was very helpful finding residents to interview although I reassured her that we were trained to approach all residents. One long interview in the morning and then another in the afternoon that was interrupted by a fire drill. There was also a staff and volunteer BBQ that I was kindly invited to participate in. Overall, one of the more eventful volunteer shifts.”

We thank all of our volunteers for their hard work and input, and keep it coming!

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