Grandfather and Grandson Team Up

In late June 2016, the first OSA Volunteer Interviewer training session took place in Kelowna. There were 9 eager faces sitting around the table, of which Murli was one of them. As the training session went on, Murli provided insight, humour and asked great questions about the survey. Soon after he began approaching and interviewing residents at long term care homes in the Kelowna region.

Murli is one of the Interior’s most dedicated volunteers. He sends the REL short emails after every shift with brief but wonderful updates about the residents he was able to approach and interview. However, not all volunteer shifts go smoothly. There were many shifts that Murli couldn’t locate residents — it seemed like all the residents on his list that day would  were all busy in activities! Murli persevered through those first few shifts and encouraged his eighteen year old grandson, Vinayak, to sign up to volunteer. Vinayak will be attending the university of Victoria in September but was able to commit some time to the OSA Residential Care Survey throughout this summer. A few weeks after Murli’s invitation Vinayak attended a training session.

Since that time, Murli and Vinayak have attended shifts at facilities together. They travel together and they support each other. Combined they have contributed over 45 hours.

“I would just like to say that this is a wonderful opportunity and it is amazing to be able to work alongside my grandfather at the same time.” says Vinayak.

Murli echos his sentiments and is proud to volunteer alongside his grandson.

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