An Incredible Milestone

We have over 700 Volunteers involved in this province-wide effort to hear the experiences of our residents.

Last week, the BC Office of Seniors Advocate did a second news release focusing on the experience of the Volunteer Interviewers who are responsible for bringing to life the BC Office of the Seniors Advocate’s Residential Care Survey.

In the words of Isobel Mackenzie, BC’s Seniors Advocate:

I am so grateful that all of you embraced this challenge with such commitment, patience and empathy. I know the time you have taken with our province’s seniors has been a very meaning experience for them. 

Thanks to so many efforts, we now have 297 Volunteer Interviewers active across the province approaching and inviting our resident to participate in an interviewing about their experiences living in long-term care. We also have 408 Volunteers in the process of being on-boarded and trained. Please help spread the word if you know of anyone interested in volunteering with this amazing team of people! It’s very exciting to have volunteers and the people of BC express such interest in this project all over BC.

Thank you to each and every one of you who is involved in this project.

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