“A Worthwhile Journey”

Karen, one of the our fantastic members of from Kelowna, wrote a poem about her experience as a Volunteer Interviewer with this project.

Our Elders were once children, once teenagers full of fun.
They thought they were invincible, when they were young.
They had dreams about what they would do, where they would roam.
But they didn’t imagine, living in a care home.

Now in one room, stories behind photos, cover each wall.
What’s it mean for these seniors, that lived through history;
witnessed so many milestones, as they built our community?
Feel happy? In control? Safe from a fall, do they still feel tall?

In answer, over six hundred volunteers, many in middle years,
strove to capture the senior voice, to give our elders a choice.
We took a course, read the survey and manual notes;
signed up for a shift, and prepared our totes.

So many questions? And some things confuse?
When questions change, which board do I use?
With practice we got the flow. We were good to go;
found a map to roam; went out to a care home.

The staff were helpful; the rare one a bit too much;
“Thanks… but we must meet them, get in direct touch!”
The seniors gave a TRY, and as time went by,
it became a complete! “Bravo! What a feat!”

We joined to give a voice to seniors with little choice.
Then the flu came to stay, so there would be a delay.
Now volunteers wait for news; our journey to complete;
get all the surveys done. “Bravo! What a feat!”

Still, our memories we get to keep; some sad, some sweet.
The one so wise in all they say; but forgot you the next day;
Another’s words about their fears, had you both in tears;
One sang songs you know; you sung along, then time to go.

We joined to give a voice to seniors with little choice;
“Hope our time gives you a lift; your time was our gift!”

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